Chile election finishes age of feminine presidents in Latin America

Chile election finishes age of feminine presidents in Latin America

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – whenever Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet will leave workplace in March, it’s going to mark the conclusion of a generation of females leaders in Latin America, making the location with no head that is female of since it shifts towards the right politically.

From the beginning of the ten years, ladies held the top jobs in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Chile, collectively representing about 40 percent associated with populace in an area better known for the machismo.

But conservative Sebastian Pinera’s triumph within the 2nd round of Chile’s election that is presidential Sunday drew that duration to a detailed.

Bachelet ended up being the very first of her female counterparts to increase to power in a leftist tide that swept south usa throughout a commodities-fueled boom that is economic. She served as president from 2006 to 2010 before winning re-election in 2013.

As well as Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff and Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez, Bachelet embodied the main strides created by females across a spot which has passed away rules deterring violence that is rampant women and set quotas for political involvement which have offered Latin US females a more impressive share of parliamentary seats compared to European countries. Read More