How To Fix Scratches, Scuff & Sky Marks On Golf Clubs

How To Fix Scratches, Scuff & Sky Marks On Golf Clubs

Let’s be genuine here. The sensation of a brand new unwrapped golf club is intoxicating. It’s nice seeing the irons surface and sun combine into one beauty that is shimmering.

However it does not just take really miss the shine to wear down. The reality is scratches, sky marks and scuff markings on golf clubs are really a truth for many golfers.

While these marks are worn by some golfers as badge of honor, other people hate seeing all of them with a passion.

Happily for you personally, I’m going to exhibit you how to repair the scratches and markings on your golf equipment.

How to Fix Scratches on Clubs

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This is how you fix light scratches on stainless steel golf clubs. Wash the club head with hot soapy water and dry the club then by having a towel. Rub fine grade 1,500 grit sandpaper over the scratches in a forward and backward motion. This can polish your club head area, and restore it to its original condition.

Various kinds of Scratches Seen on Clubs

Before we are able to go fixing the injury to our clubs, we first have to know which type of mark we’re dealing with.

In my time i’ve owned dozens of groups. It is always interesting to go back inside my garage and examine the damage done.

“I regularly see 4 several types of marks on my clubs”

Light scratches

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It is inescapable that you’ll light that is find in your groups. You will be as careful you can’t beat Mother Nature as you like, but. Most likely, you’re smacking a metal stick against a solid golf ball.

Light markings is considered the most type that is common of you’ll come across, while the simplest to remove. The small and scratches that are often fine brought on by everyday play.

Fairway and chipping shots will be the most often causes. This is because these shots can absolutely be taken anywhere regarding the course.

Dirt and small stones will Elk Grove escort review undoubtedly cause these scratches to form on your own mind area

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