I’m a cis chap looking to date a trans woman. How do you start?

I’m a cis chap looking to date a trans woman. How do you start?

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Dear Kai,

I’m a 55-year-old “mostly” direct man who’s been into trans females and quite often very elegant males, also biological ladies. I’ve remained on border of this LGBTQ2 area for some time, few years wanting to find myself personally around, and I’ve visited understand that everything I want is to date a transgender lady. I believe T-girls were positively wonderful, since they are the very best of both worlds—male and female all-in-one! But You will find little idea finding a transgender woman who is interested in like with anyone anything like me.


I’ve seen trans escorts, which was a combined experiences. We don’t select many very sincere or accommodating—and regardless of if they might be, items nonetheless constantly feeling transactional. I’d like a genuine commitment. I’ve additionally tried to date some trans lady I’ve came across online, it may seem like the majority of that on online dating applications are too youthful personally, and a few have actually known as me personally a “chaser” alongside horrible labels. All i’d like is actually a T-girl to enjoy that I am able to end up being pleased of—is that very wrong? What’s a transamorous man doing? Am we doomed to get depressed permanently?

Transamorous Torontonian

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