Direct lenders (such as a bank) have only one program and you need to fit their box

Direct lenders (such as a bank) have only one program and you need to fit their box

Non-bank Lenders

Customized commercial real estate loans for California properties are now more accessible with help from The Cesarec Group. We offer innovations through debt and equity placement services for real estate investors nationwide.

Client-Centric Approach

Depending on what you are looking for, our brokerage services cover a wide range of property types including multifamily, office, industrial, retail, and senior housing, among others. Allow us to do the legwork for you. With access to thousands of lenders, we manage the bidding to ensure the best rates and terms, solve any problems that may arise, and get your loan closed successfully.

Strong Relationships

We have built strong connections with national, regional, and local funding sources. These include agency lenders such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, commercial banks, life insurance companies, CMBS lenders, credit unions, private and public funds, and bridge lenders.

Trusted Financing Services

Beyond the transaction, we invest in building relationships with our clients through personalized solutions that cater to their investment real estate debt and equity needs. With an excellent reputation in both professionalism and performance, we continue to be a trusted financial intermediary in the markets we serve.

Why should I use a broker versus a bank direct?

Clients have no comparison to know if their offer is most competitive. In addition, most bank employees are salaried and have no incentive to fight for your loan. Clients can only hope to work with someone competent and organized. Working with a mortgage broker gains access to thousands of lenders, someone who will manage the bid process to ensure best rates and terms, solve any problems on your behalf during the process, and get your loan closed successfully. Our team is available to as your personal concierge throughout the process so that you can spend less time babysitting your loan request.

Why shouldn’t I just shop lenders myself?

We want you to shop interest rates today and know you are getting the best commercial loan quote. However, if you go to any bank website, you will notice that commercial rates are not posted. That is because there are so many factors involved that determine the risk and desirability of the loan request, it cannot be posted in public. Banks have a range of rates they can offer, but a banker will not disclose that to you. Lenders provide our clients the best terms, so they can earn future business. Realistically, you may be able to call or visit five lenders on your own. On the other hand, we provide access to a database of thousands of lenders, which is why working with a broker makes much more practical and financial sense.

The standard origination fee in the commercial mortgage ount. This cost is paid by the borrower through escrow at funding and closing of the loan. If you did not use a mortgage broker, the direct lender you work with would likely charge you the 1.00% standard origination fee. However, when a mortgage broker originates the loan for the lender, common practice is that the lender will waive or reduce their 1.00% fee to the mortgage broker. This means that our services and benefits are a net zero cost to you, making it a win-win situation. Other fees can vary drastically depending on the type of request and lender, but can include: property reports, processing, loan documents, legal review and title/escrow charges if not being paid by the seller. Please discuss with us for a better estimate of total fees based on your scenario.

What is the first step to get started?

We suggest a telephone or in person consultation so that we can gather the details of your loan request and help you understand the process involved. We will then begin to reach out to specific lenders that we know are interested in your type of scenario. These lenders may also bid against each other for the business, allowing us to get the best pricing for you. Once we have a few quotes, those will be shared to you informally. If you choose to move forward, you will sign our Fee Agreement and we can then share our lender’s term sheet with you to start the loan process. A deposit will be required from the lender that will go towards your third party fees such as inspections and title/escrow services.

Do you work with other mortgage brokers? What about agents?

Yes, we have many residential mortgage brokers who refer us businessmercial mortgage brokers send us business when they cannot source a lender as well. We can also work with any agent who has a deal under contract and needs certainty of execution for their client.

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