How exactly to refill your vape pen

How exactly to refill your vape pen

If you’re brand new to vaping, learning how to precisely refill your device could be tricky. There are several several types of products, all with various means of refilling. According to how frequently you vape, you might need certainly to refill your unit usually therefore it is crucial to know just exactly how this method works. In this guide we simply take you through the many kinds of vape pen and exactly how to refill all of them

Closed System products

Which means the e-liquid is included in the cartridge it self and should not be manually refilled. Changing a cartridge is easy – once you begin to see a modification of the way in which your vape pen is doing, it is time for a cartridge that is new. These modifications range from less vapour production and a weaker taste.

To restore your cartridge, unscrew the used one and throw it away responsibly. Then simply take your cartridge that is new and it on the battery. Be sure that the cartridge is connected securely since this may impact the vapour production.

Open System devices

E-liquid containers are accustomed to refill Open System products just like the blu PRO. Read More